Reasons To Beat Your Anxiety Today

If you look at the statistics of the most common mental health disorders, you will notice that anxiety often stays on the top spot of the list. More than 40 million adults in the United States live with one form of this condition, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It usually undergoes comorbidity with depression or another mental illness, which increases the hardship of the patients.

The Millennial and “Gen Z’ cohorts have been dubbed “the most anxious generation”– and as they become the majority of our workforce they desperately need better models for leadership. — Camille Preston Ph.D.

Although the mortality rate for depression is higher in general compared to that of people with anxiety disorders, the death toll has significantly escalated for the latter in the recent years. From a study published by researchers from Copenhagen, Denmark in the country, it appeared that 2.1% of the patients there died within approximately ten years. The percentage of individuals who perished of unnatural causes – e.g., suicide – seems to be a greater extent than the number of folks who passed away naturally.


Despite what the researches say, however, you should know that there are still many anxiety patients who do not want to become included in such statistics. They refuse to let the disorder consume them entirely. They try to find various treatments that might work, albeit the illness is incurable.

If you feel undecided on what to do, let us give you some reasons to beat anxiety today.

1. You Don’t Want Your Personal Growth To Stop

Having this mental health condition entails instantly that you live in fear most of the time. You cannot stray out of the norm and try new things because you are afraid of failing or looking like a dummy. When friends coax you to overcome your phobias, it takes you forever to make a decision, to the point that you get left behind. Even in an environment that is typically safe for you, such as your home or workplace, you may feel wary of what your housemates or colleagues think about you.

The reality is that allowing anxiety to rein in your system prevents you from doing different activities that should encourage personal growth. Instead of feeling it soar every day, it seems to hit a plateau due to the mental disease. Thus, it will be undeniably tricky for you to hone your knowledge and skills unless you do something about your disorder.

Something deep and rich is found when one pursues something they feel good about and experience a sense of accomplishment or achievement. — Angela Bisignano, PhD


2. You Want To Improve Your Relationships

Anxiety can also keep you from strengthening your personal and professional relationships. For instance, since you are scared of mixing with a crowd, you decline your friends’ invitation to get together at your favorite restaurant. When you meet a new client, you might doubt everything he or she says, thinking that the person is up to no good.

Entertaining such thoughts can impact your connections adversely. It is unwise to often use your anxiety as an excuse for every untoward behavior, primarily if some folks you interact with have mental disorders as well that they don’t let to interfere with their daily lives. What you should do instead is to learn how to cope with the illness so that you can focus on improving and building better relationships.


3. You Deserve To Live Without Fears Holding You Back

As mentioned above, anxiety causes you to tread the waters with extreme caution. At times, that is quite smart since you do need to look out for yourself when you are on the streets or in a huge event where a stampede or other disasters can take place. Other times, however, the disorder merely amplifies your negative ideas, to the extent that you are already afraid and unwilling to get out of the house or meet people in person.

By encouraging “resilience,” detractors say, we imply that setbacks are exclusively individually based, when in fact they often come from systemic barriers, like racism, sexism, economic inequality, or other injustices. — Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D.

The reason why you need to stop living like this is that fear does not mix well with success. Many millionaires and billionaires out there achieved what they have now due to their determination not to allow anything to hold them back. That won’t be impossible for you too once you avoid this mental disorder from ruling over your decisions.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is not the easiest condition to beat. If it is, there won’t be any need to encourage you to fight it. Regardless of that, you should try to overcome the disorder to be able to fulfill all your goals in life. Good luck!