Mental Health: Are You Depressed?



Depression is an emotional entanglement that won’t leave you alone instantly. It leaves you trapped in a world where there’s no entrance and exit. It imposes pressure every time you try to resist it. That’s because all your emotional, physical, and mental abilities get affected. There’s probably a reason behind your pain. But enduring your sorrows won’t do well, and will eventually get worse if prolonged. So if that’s the case, when do you think is the right time to ask for help? As we go along to understand the signs and symptoms of your unwanted mental illness, here’s stuff that you might want to check out by yourself first.

If you consistently hold yourself to high standards without wiggle room, anything less than perfect can feel like a failure. Grant yourself permission to act imperfectly, while recognizing that no single action defines you. — Snehal Kumar, PhD




  • There is pointlessness everywhere. Do you extensively think that everything has already lost its meaning? Do you feel like whatever you do, things will never be okay? That’s because depression limits your thoughts to only one thing – pain. It makes you think that even if the world ends tomorrow, you still wouldn’t care. It makes you want to stay in bed wide awake and do nothing.
  • There are lots of pressures going on in your head. Your mental state brings nothing but confusion and suffering. You tend to over think about a lot of things that don’t matter. Most of the times, anxiety and stress cripple you and hinder you from doing what you have to do. You even lose track of how it affects your overall well-being.
  • You choose avoidance and isolation than going out and have fun instead. Depression makes you think that nobody understands your situation that’s why you restrain yourself away from others. You feel that what you’re going through is the result of your failure in decision-making. You think that it’s much better if you go through hardships all by yourself because your pain is yours alone.

Symptoms can get in the way of thinking clearly about what is happening, and they could be lessened through treatment. — Lauren Mizock Ph.D.

  • You get trapped inside of yourself. You somehow think that you already lost the real side of you. You consider yourself caged in a prison where only you can fit in. Since depression makes you unaware of your potentials, you make it impossible to recover because you inflict harm on yourself.
  • You get disgusted with yourself to the point that you don’t want to move away from your situation. When you look in the mirror, you only see the ugly side of your personality. You humiliate, degrade, and insult yourself because that’s what you thought will help your emotional and mental dilemma. You consider yourself a pathetic, unwanted and unloved creature that deserves to be left alone.
  • You choose to execute self-destructive habits. Depression is something that makes you feel awful. And when that happens, you choose to devour the negativity. You form habits such as smoking and drinking, thinking that you find it helpful in some way. Although you know it won’t do better, you find it impossible to stop destroying yourself. You feel like you need the damages so that depression won’t overtake everything from you.
  • You want to play with death. Because of your constant thought that everything will never be okay, you act recklessly. You invite death in your life to take full responsibility for your pain and suffering. It makes you feel that it’s the only thing that can save you from your misery. But are you sure you can benefit from it?



An attempt to get rid of all discomfort is akin to the attempt to have everyone like you. You won’t succeed, but your true failure is choosing a misguided goal, not your inability to achieve it. — Noam Shpancer Ph.D.

Life doesn’t always go your way and sometimes, it’s the only thing you can have to be able to say that you’re far worth than anything else. The universe doesn’t have anything against you, and you need to understand that for you to appreciate life, you need to endure and learn from your experiences. Reach out to people and consider asking for help. Don’t ever think that you’re alone.