Feeling Depressed – How Can Counseling Help

Depression is not something I thought could come into my life. I was perfectly sure that my life is going so well. Thus, I was shocked when I suddenly realized I have been dealing with depressive symptoms lately. Those moments that I always feel sad, exhausted, agitated, and angry all the time were already the signs I never knew. Because I kept myself busy with business and other stuff, I would not have time to feel more anxious about things I can’t handle. Unfortunately, depression made no exemption.

It was just a bit strange that I don’t think of my situation as crucial or anything. I still managed to stay positive despite all the stress that is going on with my life. However, there are specific times that I can’t seem to clear my thoughts. One day I can shrug it off. But the mental and emotional strain eventually comes back and with a different level of intensity. So with that, I consult a licensed professional and asked a counselor to guide me to an immediate recovery process.

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Pinpointing And Understanding The Root Of The Problem

One of the things I am glad about counseling is its ability to pinpoint the problem. It helps in identifying illogical or negative thinking patterns. Thus, after a couple of hours of the session, it made me realize that the thing that contributed to my feelings of hopelessness and helplessness is that I am doing everything all by myself. Honestly, it was shocking because I have been trying to live alone all my life, so I was confused after the counselor told me that my emotional and mental state is affected by my long-term sadness. I never knew I was sad. Or should I say I was in the realm of denial?

Exploring Thoughts And Feelings That Create Behavioral Problems

With counseling, everything was about my thoughts and feelings. I never understand the connection of these two with my mental health until the healthcare provider made it clear that my behavior speaks for it. I told the counselor some of the issues I deal with daily, such as anger management, isolation, predisposition, impulses, and sudden outburst. The healthcare provider said that all those things create problems. When I think about it, all the things I mentioned are the reasons why I am alone. Those things made people stay away from me, and they often create a gap between family relationships and friendships.

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Regaining A Sense Of Control Of Happiness In Life

I won’t say that counseling can immediately cure mental illness as I still deal with my demons up until now. I am battling with emotional stability and finding strength in resolving bigger issues. But regardless of the slow process, counseling already made a difference in how I see myself engaging with the world. I now have a sense of control over the things I want. I now decide what is there to accomplish and what is not. I must say, counseling helped me regain my sense of self-awareness. And if even if I still encounter some anxiety and depression issues, I can now manage to look at other available options to get better. That’s what matters.

Encouraging Support From Family And Friends

Counseling is not about the specifics of treatment. Compared to the process of psychotherapy and medication, counseling focuses on changing the individual’s perspectives. Thus, counseling helped me realize that people like me who deal with emotional issues need support and encouragement from friends and family. It offered me an opportunity to identify the factors contributing to my emotional difficulties, such as rejection, judgment, criticism, humiliation, and insecurities.

Discovering Personal Strengths And Improving Them

Counseling is not perfect. It does not manage to get rid of some of the worse feelings and thoughts I have. Until now, I still linger with those emotional and mental stressors. However, I like how it showed me those negativities around. It somehow taught me how to use those weaknesses to gather strength to grow stronger in other areas. These particular areas include decision-making, critical thinking, and interpersonal relationship. Through counseling, I realized that there is no point in trying my best in controlling things I can’t. Thus, the shift I made with focusing on the things I can give me the hope I need for my emotional and mental health battle.

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I don’t see why some people won’t consider counseling. No, I am sure it is not a sign of weakness when you seek advice from professional healthcare providers. Understand that it needs a lot of courage to address problem areas in life and examine painful feelings. There is no way one can escape emotional and mental health issues because stressors are always everywhere. And when there is denial, self-doubt, and helplessness, most situations become extremely difficult.

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