Why My Mental Health Counseling Failed

With all the anxiety and depression I am struggling with for the past few months, I can pretty much conclude that things have been so hard for me. I can’t even get enough sleep, I can’t take care of myself properly, and I can’t manage to think clearly. Everything I do seems like taking up all my energy away, and it is not nice anymore. I always find myself constantly feeling blue, and I can’t help but cry in vain.

Understandably, I know that I am dealing with a mental illness. I did not expect the struggle to be this miserable. I thought that maybe when I exercise and meditate regularly, I can get better. But those methods do not seem to be working at all. Yes, quite a few times, it regulates my mood and reduces my anxiety and depression symptoms. But that positive effect wears off instantly within a few hours. After that, I usually find myself locked in my room, depressed and anxious again.

Of course, I didn’t limit myself to only doing that. As everyone says, I should go out and spend time with people. But unfortunately, the more I engage and spend time with friends and family, the more I feel alone. This thing inside me keeps telling me I should be with myself and endure whatever I am going through. So with all those mental exhaustion, I decided to go for counseling sessions.

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All About Counseling

At first, I thought that counseling was great. I managed to vent out and express my thoughts and feelings to the counselor. It was a nice moment to finally speak up and tell someone that you are going through some miserable moments in life. It somehow makes it more manageable for me to understand the things I have to do.

However, after a few sessions, and with all those sharing and exposing myself to someone, I still didn’t get that full mental health recovery I need. I began to think that counseling is like the rest of the mental health tips that do not work fine. So I gather up some of the reasons why it failed.

An Incoherent Approach To Treatment – I am not saying that my counselor is inefficient when handling my case, but I somehow believed that it is her approach that contributes to the failed counseling. Yes, she listens to my rambling a lot. But that’s it. All she does is listening to me and doesn’t communicate. It is as if that is all the counselor needs to do the entire time. Well, I am not saying that it is wrong or something. But it would be better if she connects with me to understand the depths of my mental and emotional struggle.

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Lack Of Awareness – Counseling is a great option for people afraid to talk about their mental health issues. As for me, it became my sanctuary. However, counseling alone is not the best solution for a clinical or psychological condition. My anxiety and depression are more than just a feeling of sadness and worries. There is something rooted in it that causes this turmoil in my emotions and thoughts. Thus, no one can say that I should do this and do that.

Trying To Solve The Problem Without Understanding It – For the record, I give my counselor credit for typically doing her job. I know that she is only a person trying to do her work. She probably deals with many emotional and mental burdens and negative vibes from her patients every day. I sincerely get that. However, I don’t think it was an excuse to solve my mental health problem without understanding it. As I have said, my anxiety and depression is not an everyday feeling that I can shrug off.

Difficulties And Challenges Of Accepting The Situation – I preferred counseling because I believed that it could support my hundred percent needs regarding mental health recovery. Since the main purpose is to help me align my thoughts and feelings, I never doubted the process. However, the difficulties and challenges of accepting the situation were all that I was focused on. I knew I have a mental illness. But I was not prepared to see myself going on some tiring and arduous process of getting better.

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Final Thoughts

I do not intend to convince people to stay away from counseling or whatsoever. I also do not claim it to be ineffective. I am only emphasizing that even though counseling can be great, some things can cause counseling’s failure. Therefore, people should recognize the importance of finding the right coping method or treatment strategy to work best with their mental health needs.


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