Do You Need To See A Therapist?


One of the everyday struggles of people suffering from a mental health issue is deciding if it is a good idea to seek correct professional help. The truth is that talking to a therapist is still considered as a taboo in the society. It is the reason why many individuals are afraid to admit that they are on therapy or counseling. It is also the reason why others fear to book an appointment for treatment or advice.

Many people develop “white-coat brain lock” when it comes to asking questions.  Others feel inferior and are intimidated by what they believe to be the doctor’s superior expertise. — Joe Wegmann P.D., L.C.S.W.

If you feel this way, then make sure to read the rest of this article. Remember that at the end of the day, what truly matters is your ability to handle everything that takes place in your life. Do not let certain practices or traditions prevent you from having a good experience. Never make the mistake of foregoing therapy sessions just because you are shy or concerned about what others may say.


In today’s article, our primary focus is to talk about the various reasons or indications of why you must see a licensed therapist as soon as possible. Never ignore the signs.


Stress At Work Is Killing You


If going to your office makes you want to hurt yourself or think of ending your life, be sure to consider talking to a mental health expert as soon as possible. Do not be foolish by convincing yourself that things are going to turn around in your workplace. Sometimes, you have to be brave or courageous enough to accept that a lot of aspects at work can be stressful. If you need someone great to help you process the situation, talk to a therapist.

Often, our coping mechanisms become skewed, and we find ourselves even more overwhelmed, with a warped sense of self as a result. — Maia Delmoor, MS, LPC, CAADC

You Went Through Divorce


Ending the marriage with your partner may be the best decision that you have made for yourself. However, just because you decided to call it quits does not mean that you will not experience pain. Because of this, you must find a way to manage your emotions right after the separation. An excellent or smart way of doing this is to get in touch with a therapist. Look for a professional who specializes in helping divorcees.


Depression Is Apparent


Another thing that you must never ignore is recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression to yourself. Did you have a traumatic experience recently? Is something bothering you? Are you always worried about several things? If you answered yes to all these, then seeing a therapist can be a good idea. The said professional could help you understand your situation even more. At the same time, he can also teach you effective ways to eliminate depression. Nonetheless, keep in mind that winning the battle against depression may be a long road, but it will be worth it.



You may notice that you can’t handle it all alone and that is okay, you don’t have. — Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC

At this point, it is crucial to convince yourself to try therapy sessions as soon as possible. You must give it a try so that you can find out if they work for you or not. Never let the comments or remarks of other people prevent you from reaching your dreams.


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