Can You Help A Depressed Friend?

One of the things that you must remind yourself continually is the significance of watching your mouth before you talk. Keep in mind that whatever you say to someone can have a long-lasting effect on him. As such, you have to be careful whenever you will give a comment or remark towards another individual. This task can be more challenging if the other person is a friend who is suffering from depression.

Supportive relationships are particularly helpful to accepting a mental health problem. — Lauren Mizock Ph.D.

Take note that a depressed friend can have a lot of things going on in his mind. Hence, your goal is to see to it that you will not become one of his burdens. At the same time, you must also find a way to extend your help or support to the other person. Make sure that you know how to reach out to him so that you can provide the right amount of aid. In this article, we are going to share some of the tips that you need to remember if you want to help a friend get rid of his depression.


Be A Good Listener


The first thing to consider is to be an excellent person to cry on or to open up to. Make sure that you let your close friend know that he can always come to you whenever he needs to talk about something. Let him know that you can lend your open arms and ears whenever he wants to discuss some issues in life. Keep in mind that your availability can mean a lot to a friend. All you must do is to learn how to listen to your conversations. Encourage him to open up.

We are still stuck on a model of leadership that’s about power. I think many leaders think talking about their anxiety or depression makes them seem weak. — Camille Preston Ph.D.


Have Fun Together


Another great idea is to research the things that your friend enjoys doing. Make it a top priority to do more of the activities that he likes. Aside from this, you must also find a way to look for other stuff that you think can help in eliminating his depression. Do not be afraid to make suggestions about new restaurants to try or new hobbies to engage. Keep your depressed friend busy so that he can have less alone time with himself. Remember that a depressed individual who is always alone can be prone to having suicidal thoughts.

Even a moderate program of exercise has been shown to boost brain function, help us to heal faster from injuries, and also to reduce depression. — Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D.

Learn More About Depression


You must also understand that all the things mentioned above will not make sense to you if you lack knowledge about depression. Remember that going through depression is not just an emotional state. Your friend is going through this mental health issue because there is something wrong with him. You cannot just tell him to get over it immediately. You cannot force him to feel better overnight. The best and ideal thing to do is to educate yourself more about depression. In so doing, you will become better and more sensitive when it comes to dealing with him.


Take note that with your little help and assistance, you can already make a big difference in the life of a friend with depression.


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